How to Create Complaint CBD Facebook Ads & Advertise on Social Media!

Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook With CBD Facebook Ads?

Can You Advertise CBD On Facebook? There is an exciting new update to Facebook’s CBD advertising policy which makes CBD Facebook ads possible & 100% compliant!

Meta Platforms, the prominent force behind renowned social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, recently made updates to its policy & CBD advertising laws for hemp and CBD products.

While it’s worth mentioning that advertisements for CBD products are still subject to certain limitations, this move signifies a step forward in accommodating CBD Facebook ads and the growing presence of these products on their platforms.

Meta’s recent announcement clarifies that the new policy allows for the promotion of legally permissible, non-ingestible CBD products in the U.S., albeit with certain restrictions.

The announcement made on July 11th signifies a positive step towards advertising CBD on Facebook within regulatory boundaries and opens up opportunities for businesses in this industry to reach their target audience with paid advertising.

So what about advertising THC products on Facebook? Meta still has a strict policy when it comes to advertisements related to THC products or cannabis with psychoactive components. These types of ads are still outright banned on the platform.

Now that we have uncovered the answer to the burning question, “Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?”, it’s time to dive into the crucial policy updates.

By acquainting yourself with these changes, you, or your CBD advertising agency, will be well-equipped to launch compelling CBD Facebook ads that effectively reach your target audience.

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How To Advertise CBD on Facebook & Not Get Shut Down!

What do you need to know about the CBD advertising laws after the new policy update?

The keys to advertising CBD on Facebook are to ensure that your products are legal in the USA, be very creative in your advertising creative, and follow Facebook’s CBD advertising policies carefully.

The latter point on the policies for CBD Facebook ads is super important to note.

CBD companies in the USA have the opportunity to effectively promote and sell hemp-derived CBD products in Canada, Mexico, and the United States without any legal hassle and without any written permission from Facebook/Meta.

This includes hemp items that do not contain CBD or exceed 0.3% THC, such as hemp seed and hemp fiber, as long as CBD advertisers follow all applicable local CBD advertising laws, required or established industry codes, guidelines, and licenses.

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What are the New Policies For CBD Advertising on Facebook?

According to Meta’s new policy, CBD Facebook ads will be allowed as long as the following requirements apply:

  1. You must comply with all applicable local laws and industry codes or guidelines.
  2. Your ads can’t contain any claims to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate, or diagnose a disease or medical condition in humans or animals.
  3. Your ads must comply with Meta’s advertising standards.
  4. We allow ads to promote or offer the sale of the following products:
  • Legally permissible CBD products can be promoted in the US with LegitScript certification and written permission from Meta. At this time, LegitScript only certifies non-ingestible CBD products.
  • Non-ingestible and ingestible hemp products can be promoted in the US, Canada and Mexico. LegitScript/Meta certification is not required.
  • We don’t allow ads that promote or offer the sale of the following products:
  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) products or cannabis products containing related psychoactive components.

You’re allowed to educate, advocate or give public service announcements related to CBD and related products as long as your ads don’t promote or offer any prohibited products for sale.

How Meta Defines Hemp Products:

Under the new policy, Hemp products are made from the cannabis plant that do not contain CBD or more than 0.3% THC.

Some examples may include hemp seed or hemp fiber. They include both ingestible and non-ingestible products.

How Meta Defines CBD Products:

Under this policy, CBD (Cannabidiol) products are products that contain CBD or that promote themselves as a CBD product.

They include both ingestible and non-ingestible products. At this time, LegitScript only certifies non-ingestible CBD products.

How Meta Defines Disease Claims:

When you run ads for CBD or hemp products, your ads can’t contain any claims to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate, or diagnose a disease or medical condition in humans or animals.

Here are some examples of content we don’t allow under this policy:

  • “Our CBD products treat anxiety”
  • “Reduce sinus inflammation with hemp cream”
  • “Can CBD alleviate your depression?”
  • “Can hemp improve concentration for those with ADHD?”
  • “Hemp oil improves concentration”
  • “CBD removes your tension, increases relaxation and lifts your spirits”

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Don’t Promote The Sale of Products in CBD Facebook Advertising

One important item to note in the new CBD Facebook ads policy:

Meta remains committed to its ban on advertisements that promote or sell CBD and similar cannabinoid products.

Although there is a limited exception to this policy, Meta maintains strict regulations to ensure user safety and compliance with legal restrictions.  Meta’s policy states: “Ads that promote or offer the sale of cannabidiol (CBD) or similar cannabinoid products are only allowed with prior written permission.

Meta requires advertisers promoting CBD products to be certified with LegitScript.

Certified advertisers must comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes and guidelines, including Meta’s targeting requirements.”

How Can You Sell Products Using CBD Facebook Ads?

Good News! There is an exception to not being able to show CBD Facebook ads that promote the sale of CBD products!

So what’s the one limited exception to promoting and selling CBD on Facebook?

According to their CBD advertising help document , U.S. advertisers can market and sell “legally permissible CBD products” only if they have been certified by LegitScript  and have obtained written permission from Meta themselves.

This stringent process ensures that only trustworthy and compliant CBD products are being advertised on their platforms.

According to the document, LegitScript currently focuses on certifying “non-ingestible CBD products” exclusively.

So, if your business is able to get certified by LegitScript, you can remain compliant and promote the sale of your non-ingestible CBD products with no issues.

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LegitScript Application Process:

Advertisers must receive LegitScript certification for both their CBD products and website before applying for written permission from Meta.

At a high level, every CBD product on an advertiser’s domain requires LegitScript certification.

This includes a review of the product labels, licenses, and sample testing to ensure compliance. Learn more about product certification here.

In addition, an advertiser cannot sell any prohibited products on their domain (e.g. ingestible CBD products or cannabis products). Learn more about website certification here Meta application process:

Meta will require advertisers to ask for written permission from Meta after they receive LegitScript certification.

They use the CBD products advertiser application to collect relevant information on advertisers seeking to promote legally permissible CBD products.

During the application process, Meta will collect two types of information:

  1. Business information that allows us to verify the existence and operation of your business in the countries your ads target.That information may include but is not limited to: Name, website, address, and LegitScript certification status.
  2. Information that facilitates the review and appeal process of ads that promote CBD products.That information includes, but is not limited to: Facebook Page URL and ad account ID.

Once your application is submitted, they anticipate it will take 4-6 business days to process before a decision is issued, but in some cases, it may take longer to verify the provided information.

You should double-check that your application is accurate and complete before submitting it.

Read on to understand how to use CBD Facebook ads effectively while following Meta’s policies and staying compliant.

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How Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook Without Promoting the Sale?

If your CBD company is unable to get certified by LegiotScript, you can still run CBD Facebook ads but you can not promote the sale of your products.

According to the help document, the rule is that you’re allowed to “educate, advocate or give public service announcements related to CBD and related products as long as your ads don’t promote or offer any prohibited products for sale”.

So don’t focus on the sale with your CBD Facebook ads. Instead, focus on educating your target audience on the health benefits of CBD in your Facebook advertising.

This will entice people already interested in CBD to click on your CBD Facebook ad, land on your website and learn more about how your product can help them live their best life.

With the power and incredible reach offered by Facebook advertising, you can strategically place CBD Facebook ads to reach millions of people in the USA or your targeted States.

This will guarantee an influx of highly-qualified website traffic and increase your brand awareness significantly.

If you’re linking your CBD Facebook ads to high-quality educational content on your website, your CBD brand will also start to grow tons of brand trust, leading to profitable online sales.


Examples of How To Advertise CBD on Facebook Without LegitScript Certification

Advertising CBD on Facebook without having LegitScript certification and therefore unable to promote the sale of your products with CBD Facebook ads provides an excellent opportunity for new CBD companies to build brand awareness.

If you’re a new CBD company with little website traffic, the new policy of CBD Facebook advertising is a blessing, trust me.

If you have an existing SEO strategy with content marketing, you’re likely publishing 4-8+ in-depth educational articles on your website each month.

Here’s your chance to legitimately use CBD ads on Facebook and increase brand awareness and website traffic.

Leverage CBD Ads to Promote Your Blog Content, Create Awareness & Build Trust

Compliant Facebook Ads for CBD now offer a powerful tool for companies looking to promote their blog content and achieve multiple marketing objectives.

By utilizing this platform, businesses can effectively build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and boost brand trust.

Here’s how to advertise CBD on Facebook and achieve these goals for your CBD company:

1. Building Brand Awareness:

Facebook Ads allow CBD companies to reach a vast audience and create brand awareness quickly.

Through targeted ad campaigns, businesses can reach potential customers who have shown interest in CBD-related topics, ensuring their blog content reaches the right audience.

By consistently delivering informative and engaging content through blog posts, companies can establish themselves as thought leaders and trustworthy sources within the CBD industry.

2. Increasing Website Traffic:

Facebook Ads serve as a powerful tool to drive traffic to a CBD company’s website.

By promoting blog content through targeted ads, companies can entice users to click on the ad and visit their website to explore the insightful and valuable information shared in their blog posts.

Increased website traffic not only boosts overall visibility but also provides opportunities for visitors to learn more about the company’s products and offerings.

3. Boosting Brand Trust:

CBD companies often need help in establishing trust due to industry regulations and misconceptions.

By consistently sharing high-quality blog content via Facebook Ads, businesses can demonstrate their expertise and commitment to educating consumers about CBD.

Informative and well-researched blog posts that address common concerns, provide product insights, or offer health and wellness tips can help establish credibility, increasing brand trust among potential customers.

Our CBD advertising agency copywriting team are experts in crafting optimized, high-quality CBD content writing. Contact us to learn more.

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Best Practices For CBD Advertising on Facebook

To make the most of Facebook Ads for promoting blog content, CBD companies should consider the following best practices:

1. Define Target Audience

Identify the target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours related to CBD consumption and wellness. This ensures that the blog content reaches individuals who are more likely to engage with and benefit from the information.

2. Compelling Ad Copy

Craft compelling and concise ad copy that highlights the value and benefits of the blog content. The copy should resonate with the target audience, encouraging them to click and explore the blog post.

3. Engaging Visuals

Use eye-catching visuals, such as relevant images or videos, to capture users’ attention and make the ad visually appealing. Compelling visuals can significantly increase click-through rates and engagement.

4. A/B Testing

Continuously test and refine Facebook Ads to optimize their performance. Experiment with different ad formats, audience targeting options, ad placements, and calls to action to determine what resonates best with the target audience.

5. Tracking and Analysis

Utilize Facebook Ads Manager and other analytical tools to track the performance of ad campaigns. Monitor key metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and engagement to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

By consistently delivering informative and valuable content to a targeted audience using CBD Facebook ads, CBD businesses can establish themselves as reputable sources and drive engagement, ultimately leading to increased brand recognition and customer loyalty.


We Can Help You Advertise CBD on Facebook!

In conclusion, the recent updates to Facebook’s CBD advertising policy have opened up opportunities for CBD companies to leverage CBD Facebook ads effectively.

While there are still limitations and restrictions, these policy changes signify a positive step towards accommodating CBD products on the platform.

CBD companies can now build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and boost brand trust through strategic Facebook ad campaigns.

By delivering informative and engaging blog content to a targeted audience, businesses can position themselves as thought leaders in the industry and establish credibility.

Best practices such as defining the target audience, crafting compelling ad copy, using engaging visuals, conducting A/B testing, and tracking performance are essential for maximizing the impact of CBD Facebook ads.

With the power of Facebook advertising, CBD companies can reach a vast audience, drive website traffic, and foster trust among potential customers, ultimately leading to business growth and increased online sales.

If you’re ready to start your CBD Facebook Advertising campaign, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation or to request a quote.


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