Programmatic Display For CBD & Cannabis Companies

How to Advertise Cannabis & CBD Using CBD Display Ads

Yes, CBD advertising with CBD display ads is possible and compliant!

The legalization of cannabis within a country has had a positive impact on the cannabis industry.

However, cannabis ads and and CBD display ads are often associated with restrictions and complexities – from geotargeting to audience targeting.

Working with the right cannabis and CBD advertising partner to manage your CBD display ads can make it less challenging and help canna-businesses easily respond to rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

Our cannabis & CBD advertising agency are experts in managing CBD display ads campaigns.

We intend to help you navigate the cannabis and CBD advertising ecosystem by offering strategic targeting solutions, measurement options, complete campaign management and best practice recommendations to reach your customers at every stage of the funnel!

Programmatic advertising for CBD using CBD display ads is implemented using our 3rd party software to execute and manage automated bidding on advertising inventory on popular websites in real-time,

for the opportunity to show CBD display ads to a specific and unique potential cannabis or CBD customer in a specific context.

How to Know if You Need Programmatic Display Advertising

To start assessing your current CBD marketing strategy and need for CBD display ads, evaluate your total addressable market (TAM). See if it aligns with the estimated number of people you are trying to reach with your cannabis marketing strategy and your media budget allocated.

Consider the following questions when assessing how your current campaigns are performing:
  • How effective is your campaign in achieving the initial objectives and goals set relative to established KPIs?
  • What metrics should be considered to track and evaluate return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  • Have you considered including a measurement study to help identify the effectiveness of your campaign and creatives?
  • Are you achieving optimal scale within this sensitive vertical?
  • Is your digital audience strategy reflective of your TAM size while staying compliant with cannabis advertising laws and regulations?

These questions can act as a starting point and help our cannabis marketing agency to build or improve your CBD advertising strategy.

Computer screen showing CBD display ads.
CBD & Cannabis Targeting Strategies Available For You

We have access to some amazing and effective targeting strategies for your CBD display ads and cannabis advertising campaigns.

CRM + Audience Lookalike Expansion

Use available CRM purchase data to create a lookalike audience to target people who have similar behaviours.

Lookalike Audience

Expand your reach to capture users who mimic the online behaviour of those who have visited your site, who converted, or completed a video.

Site Visitor Retargeting

Reach users who have expressed interest in your products and engaged with your website.

Video Retargeting

Retarget users who have expressed interest and engaged with your videos through video quartile or completion retargeting.

Dynamic Retargeting

Serve highly personalized native or display ads based on the nature of a user’s prior website engagement and activity.


Use keywords and phrases such as ‘sativa’, ‘indica’, or ‘CBD’ to build a highly customizable intent-based audience, comprised of users who are actively reading about topics.


Use data based on a user’s previous shopping behaviour. Have they purchased cannabis or CBD recently?
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