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Our Cannabis SEO Services
DankRank cannabis SEO agency focuses on performance, analytics, and data-driven dispensary SEO & SEM tactics that maximize your return on investment.
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Who is DankRank Cannabis
SEO Agency
DankRank cannabis SEO agency is the world’s most skilled group of digital marketing experts specializing in dispensary SEO, CBD SEO, and Google Advertising exclusively for cannabis companies.
Our highly knowledgeable marijuana SEO specialists have 20+ years of cannabis SEO and SEM experience working with CBD companies, Delta-8 businesses, online weed dispensaries, and retail cannabis stores in Canada, the USA, the UK, and several countries in the EU.
We are an exclusive part of the dispensary SEO team at ColaDigital.ca cannabis marketing agency and our “brother” cannabis SEO agency and CBD marketing firm. This partnership provides our dispensary SEO professionals with direct experience implementing customized SEO strategies for hundreds of cannabis and CBD companies worldwide since 2017.
What Our Clients Can Typically Expect From Our
SEO Strategy
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How We Work

Our Cannabis SEO Agency Process

Our cannabis SEO agency process for building your brand awareness, increasing your website traffic, and online sales.

In the rapidly growing cannabis & CBD industries, having a strong online presence from a solid dispensary SEO strategy is essential in order to get the edge over your competition.

DankRank Cannabis SEO Agency specializes in cannabis dispensary SEO, content writing, and SEO & blog content marketing for online CBD stores.

This means we can definitely help your business achieve higher rankings in search results for profitable, transaction-oriented keywords.

Our team of cannabis SEO experts is certified in both Google Analytics and Google Ads (SEM).

This means we can create highly targeted cannabis or CBD ad campaigns that effectively drive more traffic to your website.

The holistic approach from our cannabis SEO agency guarantees you’ll see significant results in increasing your online visibility and boosting online sales from your cannabis or CBD website.

On-Page SEO

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Content & Internal linking strategy
  • Optimize all meta tags, URLs, & images
  • Off-Page SEO

  • Build high-quality backlinks
  • Optimize and build citations in relevant online directories
  • Promote and share blog content on social media platforms and other news sites
  • Content

  • Write 4-15+ x 1500 word SEO-optimized blog articles per month
  • Publish optimized blog content regularly on your website
  • Write SEO copy for any new website pages and/or products
  • Technical SEO

  • Optimize page speed
  • Optimize UX
  • Fix all website SEO errors from monthly website audits
  • Testimonials

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    Case Studies

    We proudly present real-life success stories that exemplify the remarkable results achieved through our cutting-edge cannabis marketing strategies. Learn how we propelled dispensaries to new heights, skyrocketed CBD brands to unparalleled online visibility, & helped cannabis entrepreneurs unlock their full potential.


    Our monthly Starter and Starter-Plus cannabis SEO packages pack a punch for
    budget-conscious cannabis and CBD businesses looking to step up their online game
    and boost website traffic.

    • Starter
    • Starter-Plus
    Group 1233


    Starter Cannabis SEO Plan

    • Full Keyword & Competitor Research
    • Optimize 25% of Your Website Pages & Images
    • Keyword Placement on 25% of Your Site's Pages
    • Minimum 25 High-Quality Backlinks
    • 2 x SEO optimized Blog Articles
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    Group 1233


    Starter-Plus Cannabis SEO Plan

    • Full Keyword & Competitor Research
    • Optimize 50% of Your Website Pages & Images
    • Keyword Placement on 50% of Your Site's Pages
    • Minimum 75 High-Quality Backlinks
    • 3 x SEO optimized Blog Articles
    More Info

    Cannabis SEO Packages

    The Starter package, priced at $1,000 per month, dives into monthly on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and blog content creation, optimizing a solid 25% of your website's pages and images.

    Now, the Starter-Plus package takes it up a notch, pushing the optimization to a cool 50% of your web pages and images, all while keeping the same on-page and off-page SEO perks and amping up the blog content creation.

    Both packages are wallet-friendly ways to crank up your search engine rankings, reel in organic traffic, and grow your online presence.

    Remember, though, if you're after a full cannabis SEO strategy with technical SEO, hundreds of backlinks, and significantly more blog content, that's reserved for our custom packages.

    But hey, with the Starter and Starter-Plus options, you're setting a strong foundation to thrive in the competitive cannabis market without breaking the bank.

    Want to know more? Click the buttons below to learn about each basic cannabis SEO package.

    And if you're ready to roll with a full-on customized, tailored and advanced package that guarantees significant results in 3-6 months, reach out, and we'll whip up a detailed proposal for you.

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